There are a few things that should always prompt you to call your veterinarian. Some of the less obvious include:

* a sudden change in your pet's appetite
* your greyhound seems unusually short of breath
* a cough that persists for more than 24 hours
* you find a lump anywhere on your dog
* your dog is losing weight
* they are drinking often and urinating more frequently than usual
* they show signs of the possibility of internal bleeding—blood in vomit, blood in urine, pale or white gums and listlessness. If you suspect blood loss, press your finger against the dog's gums — the gums should turn pink after just a momentary whiteness. If they don't, take the dog to the vet immediately.
* If your dog hasn't been drinking the usual amount of water, which could indicate illness, check for dehydration by gently lifting a large pinch of skin on the dog's back. It should snap right back into place. But if the dog is dehydrated, the skin will stay up in a ridge. A dehydrated dog is in serious trouble; take it to the vet right away.

Build a good relationship with your vet so that you feel free to call when you have a concern about your pet's health. Your vet is always your best source of information about your greyhound's health. There are many good resources to help your veterinarian understand the differences in what can be normal for greyhounds may indicate abnormalities in other breeds. Please visit our Links section to access those articles, etc.

Health Check

Three areas to look at regularly

Your Greyhound's Teeth
Lift up your greyhound's lip and look at its teeth. Are they gray around the canines and molars? It's time for some scaling. If the gums are red, it's time for some antibiotics. Call your vet, as it's important that your greyhound's teeth stay in good condition. The use of hard chewies can help keep a greyhounds teeth in good condition.

Overweight Greyhounds
If you can't see your greyhound's ribs your dog is probably overweight. You have to cut down on the food you feed it, and perhaps change to a light food diet. Of course more exercise will help also. Overweight greyhounds are not healthy. Excess weight can hasten or create spinal conditions.

Check for Growths
As your greyhound gets older, it may be getting growths on its body. It's time to let your fingers do the walking. Check your dogs body and coat, if you find anything take your dog to your vet to get checked.

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