This component of our adoption group is dedicated to a greyhound that was lost for several days. He is now safe and back with his family. Buckley was the first greyhound search we participated in as It's a Grey Area and we hope its a long time before we have to do it again.

Our commitment to greyhounds goes far beyond the day that the dog enters our program or contract is signed and we hand over the leash. We are here to support and assist adoptive families for the life of the dog. Whether it's help with adjustment to home life, a behavior issue, a medical problem, a lost dog or whatever else may come up, we are here.

If your new greyhound is having trouble adjusting to home life, a health issue, or a less than desirable behavior, give us a call. We have years of experience with the hounds and can often offer helpful advice on how you and your hound can work through any problems.

Should your dog ever get out, call the group your dog came from as in most cases you have signed a contract requiring you to do so. Next, call us and we will find someone to help you find your greyhound.

If a greyhound is alone he/she is lost. If you encounter a greyhound not attached to a person on a leash, immediately call us and we will come get the dog, identify it, locate the group that placed the dog and/or the owner and reunite them as soon as possible. If you just spot what you think could be a greyhound running please still call us so we can investigate and catch the dog.

We are committed to greyhounds, all greyhound,s and will work with anyone to keep them safe.

That is our promise and Buckley's Wish.

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